Google’s Transparency Report and USer Data Requests by the Government

Ever taken time to look at Google’s transparency report on user data requests by the government? According to the report user data requests have increased  100 percent since they started the reports in 2009. I think its worth reading.

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I personally think is a good thing Google has been doing and should continue to do. I am not letting Google of the hook for their role in helping the government to spy on citizens for no good reason.

Google could have found themselves in some real trouble if thy let out information about the PRISM program but I still think they should still come out with an apology to all their users whiles they continue with their efforts at being more transparent.


Ugly Gmail Ads

It’s been more than a month since I created this blog and I am quite ashamed that I haven’t done much with it but any start is better than no start. So let’s get to it.

Yesterday I was busy working and sending e-mail when I realized something really ugly about my mail. I guess you would have realized this by now if you use Gmail. Those adverts look pretty ugly and clutter up my email.  It’s annoying enough to know that Google reads my email in order to target ads to me. Seriously this is really depressing to see especially on those days when you need a well ordered environment to work in. Seriously someone at Google has to do something about their ads within Gmail. I hate to say this but Facebook does a better job with displaying adverts. Ads within Gmail could be implemented in a better way. For the moment I will have to stick with it since a lot of my email communication comes through Gmail.


Google Please do something about those ugly-looking-ads.