Setback in the fight for Online Privacy

I must admit his was quite disappointing when a judge in New York ruled in favour of the N.S.A phone-record-collection program. I was hoping it would follow the same line as what happened in Washington. But this is not the end of this legal battle its just the beginning and would certainly change the way we view the internet.  below it a quote from Judge William Pauley wrote ….

“Every day, people voluntarily surrender personal and seemingly-private information to trans-national corporations, which exploit that data for profit. Few think twice about it, even though it is far more intrusive than bulk telephony metadata collection. There is no evidence that the government has used any of bulk telephony metadata it collected for any purpose other than investigating and disrupting terrorist attacks. While there have been unintentional violations of guidelines, those appear to stem from human error and the incredibly complex computer programs that support this vital tool. And once detected, those violations were self-reported and stopped.”