Venus and Jupiter Dance [Planetary Conjunction]

If you pay attention to the stars I think you might have heard something about Venus and Jupiter dancing in the sky. Its not like there will be some twerking going on but it is more of their positions making it look like they are really close to each-other in the sky.

I should have posted this earlier but today (30th of June 2015) will be the best day to observe this.

So you are wondering where to find Venus and Jupiter. Its easy to spot them after sunset in the West.

These two videos will shed more light on it. The fist talks about what a conjunction is and the second animates ans explains what you should see.

Hope you don’t have a cloudy sky like I am experiencing now(praying for the clouds to go away).

Also you don’t need a telescope to see them.

Happy watching!!


You are good enough

photo-1429277005502-eed8e872fe52 You become what you say you are. For some that might sound like a lot of bull******* but to those who have achieved anything in life you realize that what you say you are ultimately has a way of manifesting. I am not talking about some spiritual type of stuff (not yet, we will get there in another post) I am talking about plain common sense. If there is anything you are working on and you don’t feel that you good enough just change the words you use to describe yourself concerning that activity and see what happens after sometime. You eventually get to your goals. It doesn’t matter what you feel now just change your words. If you think you are not a good enough blogger change your words to “I am a good blogger” and eventually you will see the evidence. This applies to all sorts of areas in life. Don’t kill your dreams with your negativity. Speak the truth you want and let it be.