Quote of the Day: True Success

“The common idea that success spoils people by making them vain, egotistical and self complacent is erroneous. On the contrary, it makes them for the most part humble tolerant and kind. Failure makes people cruel and bitter.”

-Somerset Maugham


Top 3 Laptops for College 2015

I am sure you have in recent times tried to acquire some  piece of technology and you had some difficulty in finding the right device. Today i would like to talk about laptops. First let’s get into what makes a laptop suitable for college.

First thing to consider is the design and the weight of the laptop. Typically college students carry their devices around wherever they go and as a result taking the design and weight into consideration is very important. The laptop should be small(but not too small) thin and light to make it convenient to carry around and use.

The next and I will say the most important thing is the battery life. When you are in college you typically wouldn’t get a charging station in most places where you can sit down to research, even in the class when you are taking notes. Having a laptop that can carry enough power to get you through the day is important. The longer the battery power lasts, the better. So now let’s get into the list.

1. The DELL XPS 13  2015 edition

Dell XPS 13 2015 [image from Dell.com]

Dell XPS 13 Specs

2. The MacBook  Pro 13 inch

MacBook Pro 13 inch [image from Apple.com]

MacBook Pro 13 inch Specs

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3[image from microsoft.com]

Surface Pro 3 Specs

I hope this lists help you in choosing a laptop for college. There are other laptops out there but these should serve as a guide for your decision in buying a laptop for college.

I am back to Photography : mygallery2013

Hello guys,

I am happy to announce that I have started posting photos on my photo-blog “mygallery2013“. Its been over two years since I last updated that blog its funny how time flies but the good thing is that I am back and I can bet you that you wouldn’t regret visiting it.

I am planning on creating a royalty free section to allow anyone who is looking for free pictures for their blog to download and use it for anything they want. I will make  an announcement once I put it in place

So spread the word and let everyone know about mygallery2013 hope you pass by and like some of my photos, also it will be nice if you can comment and leave links to your photo-blog, I am interested in seeing what you guys are up to.

Why I am not buying the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus

Apple had its yearly event on Wednesday 9th September 2015. And as usual with any apple event there were new products that were launched and according to Apple like with all their events these were the best things in the world and you have to get out there and buy them.

There was the new 12 inch iPad Pro, a new Apple TV and others but of course the star of the show which is responsible for two-thirds of apples profits was the new iPhone, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

The iPhone 6S [Image from apple.com ]
But wait before you go out and buy one probably you might be interested in hearing why I wont be getting one.

  1. It’s too damn expensive: Those phones are too expensive for the work that they do. Honestly if your livelihood doesn’t depend on having the new iPhone then you shouldn’t be thinking of buying one. If you have the older version stick with it. Your life will be so much better.
  2. My android device does all that I need it to do for me: I am able to run all the apps I need for communication of entertainment from my android phone and until its time for an upgrade you can count me out. No need throwing out a perfectly good device just to have a nicer camera.
  3. The new iPhone is a modest upgrade of the previous version with only minor specs added to the new one there isn’t much of a reason to switch to the new iPhone. Be a little patient surely the iPhone 7 might give you a better reason to upgrade.

Share your reasons for buying or not buying the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus in the comments section. Also if you are interested in watching the entire Apple event click here.

Fixing your Logitech Unifying receiver

If you have purchased a Logitech mouse or any other Logitech product that uses a Logitech unifying receiver then I am sure after some months of use you realized that it wasn’t working. If you can relate to this story then take a look at the solution below, it should help you fix your unifying receiver.


  1. First pull out he black cover on your unified receiver.


2. Pull out the controller module(it is the part that looks like a circuit board)


3. Then fold a piece of paper and put it at the bottom of the module and inset it back into its holder. This ensures that the module doesn’t lose contact.


4. Put the black cap back test to see that it is working and then you can glue the black cover in place.

I hope this helps and if you found it useful please comment and share this post to help other facing the came issue.

This YouTube video shows what I just talked about


This YouTube video shows what I just talked about