Ok folks this is how it Happened[Patriots Lost]

So we lost for the first time this season and I tell you it wasn’t pretty. The boys did their best Brady was OK and Gronkrowski had to be stretchered off the field (ouch). Bet the Broncos are still celebrating. At least its good to have a reality check from time to time hopefully we get back to winning was against the Eagles. Its sad but for those who didn’t  see it here is how it happened.


Blue Origin’s New Shepherd makes historic flight

If you are into space like I am you should have heard this pretty cool announcement by Blue Origins( a space company owned my Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos). Blue Origin successfully launched their New Shepherd launch system into space and landed it safely for RE-USE!!!  This kind of thing gets me excited!

New Shepherd

Up until now rockets have never been reusable. After launch the entire system is discarded or burns up in space and a new one is created but with the New Shepherd system it is possible to reuse the entire system. Literally refuel it and launch again.  Whats really important is that this greatly reduces the cost of space transport making it more likely that in the near future space travel will be affordable.

Sitting can kill you!

So just last night I came across this video via twitter on how sitting can kill you.  Yes you read that correctly and it wasn’t a typo, sitting for long periods can actually kill you. Kind of interesting that just when you though you got everything right about your health a new issue shows up. Anyways I found it interesting and I though I should share  😉

Everything should have a purpose

The minimalists did a series of Instagram posts about minimalism and I though it will be cool to share with you one of my favorites.





These guys are awesome and you should follow them if you are interested in knowing more about minimalism.