Patrice O’Neal [funny]

Hello Internet,

Today I got a little unproductive at the end of the day and got lost in the land of YouTube. It was worth it because I chose to watch some funny vidoes because laughter is good for the body. This video by Patrice O’Neal was really funny. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Classical Music [Bach Busoni Chaconne D Minor BWV 1004]

Hello Internet,

Today I spent my day doing a whole lot of reading but I was fortunate to be invited to be invited to a classical music concert. I have a history with classical music and from time to time I am reminded about how beautiful it is. Let me share with you one piece that I loved, Bach Busoni Chaconne D Minor BWV 1004.

I hope it brings some variety into your day.

Becoming Great

Hello Internet, I am here with another message and this time its on becoming great.


There is one principle that is absolutely necessary in achieving greatness and success in any endeavor in life. It is the principle of becoming great. Well what do I mean by becoming great. Well it is very simple. People who achieve great things become great first, before they achieve success. If you are not a millionaire you cannot earn a million dollars. If you are not an Olympic champion you cannot win an Olympic event. All those who have achieved great success worked hard at becoming the kind of person who was capable of achieving that kind of success. So take time to examine yourself and see if your choices your habits your thoughts are in line to make you become the kind of person who becomes successful. It is important to focus on your goals but make sure those goals include working on yourself and ensuring that you are becoming great.

I will end with a quote from The Miracle Morning.

“Always remember that who you’re becoming is far more important than what you’re doing, and yet it is what you’re doing that is determining who you’re becoming.”

Spend sometime to work on becoming great.



Get out of the mediocre trap

Hello Internet, I was watching some motivational videos on YouTube when I cam across this video and think you should watch it.

Its about mediocrity and some tough love advice on getting out of it. Trust me its good. Even if you feel you are the most productive person on the surface of this planet I think it will be worth it. Share it with someone who might be struggling with getting things done in their lives. Hope you enjoy it.


Hello internet people, here again with another message, this time on legacy.

So its Sunday and I usually spend my time relaxing and doing very little work. For a couple of months now I have been watching the science fiction series Stargate SG-1. If you love science fiction then I highly recommend watching Stargate.

Dr Fraiser

I just finished watching Episode 18 of season 7 [Heroes Part II] and boy were my eyes filled with tears. Well what made me sad was that [Spoiler Alert] my favorite doctor in the series Dr. Janet Fraiser died after being hit by a staff weapon fired by a Jaffa when she was sent as a part of a rescue team on an off world assignment(I am sure you just realized I a am a bit of a geek ;-)).  She wasn’t my favorite character but when she died it still made me sad and thats because of one thing my friends, legacy. She was always very hard working and determined to do the best to save the lives of SGC team members.

Trust me ,one thing that is really important in life is our legacy. How will you be remembered once you are gone? Will anyone take note or will it be like you never existed? Take sometime to think about it. Will you be missed by your family and those around you when you are gone, or will people be relieved that you finally left? I am not talking just about death but even while you are alive. What impression do you leave on the minds of those that you meet. Do people become better persons after encountering you or do they leave gaining nothing from knowing you. Its interesting that the legacy of the fictional character had an effect on me how much more that of a real person.

Listen up, your legacy is important. It might not benefit you today but it will definitely inspire others to live up to higher standards to make an effort and strive for excellence, to take the risks needed to advance the human condition.

The best inheritance you can leave is your legacy. So make the effort to live a life worth following.