Weekly Recap : Patriots go 3-0

Another week another weekly recap. I am a little late on this post so I will get to the point. I have listed a few interesting things I found during this week.



Funniest video I saw this week was from KingBach. I still laugh when I watch this funny version of “Damn Daniel”




This Remix of Mr. FijiWijis’s Yours Trueley is just gold. Still play it on repeat!!!



This week was an amazing one for Patriot fans. Even though we were underdogs we still won. We lost Tom Brady to a suspension, Jimmy Garoppolo to an injury so we were using our rookie third string quarterback Jacoby Brisett and we had a shutdown score over the Texans. It was an amazing game.



End of recap , have a lovely day.


Lets talk about Jacoby Brisett

I don’t know much about Jacoby just like most of you out there. Everyone is caught up in the Tom Bradys, Big Ben and Jameis Winston. But today in the game against the Dolphins Jimmy Garoppolo got injured when he was tackled by Kiko Alonso and the new name had to step up and take the position of the quarterback.

Here is a little history about Jacoby from Wikipedia.

Jacoby Brissett (born December 11, 1992) is an American footballquarterback for the New England Patriots of theNational Football League (NFL). He played college football at Florida and NC State. He was drafted in the third round with the 91st overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Well in his first professional game against the Dolphins he had a pretty bad showing. The offence went from adventurous and exciting to timid and conservative. Jacoby didn’t look confident when he threw the ball. He was quite slow in handing the ball over to the running backs when they had to run the ball. It wasn’t a really good fist game for Jacoby. We understand that he is rookie but we need to winning is really important. It seemed like he really didn’t have any strengths but he showed a lot of athleticism and that will be the key to using Jacoby.

Pay attention to how quick he is when he runs with the ball. I think if New England is going to make the most of Jacoby then they need to play to his strengths and give him the chance to run with the ball. Rushing the ball will be the winning strategy if we can get the O-line to create those kind of opportunities for him. Short passing and rushing the ball will be the best way to ensure that Jacoby manages the game well without any turn overs. He has a strong arm too so he will be good for those long deep balls with single coverage to the receiver. James White and LeGarrette Blount will have to take up a lot of responsibility when Jacoby is on the field but I am sure he has assets that can be used to our advantage. To be fair to Jacoby he got better as the game against the Dolphins went on and seemed to grow in confidence but he still has a long way to go before being able to pass like Jimmy or Tom Brady. At the moment I can say that his running game is good and we should let him run when he has the opportunity.




Dolphins loose to the Patriots 24-31



What an exciting game it was. Not better than out game against the Cardinals but it was a good one. The Patriots started really strong with Jimmy G in the first quarter and it looked like the scores were going to be embarrassing for Miami but then Jimmy G got hurt by Kiko Alonso. From then on Miami got into a rhythm of getting into the Red Zone and making touchdowns. They nearly had their way in the fourth quarter when Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal, But luckily we had an interception in the final seconds.

It was a close game but it was obvious that the team was feeling down after loosing Jimmy G to an injury. For me that was a really sad moment in the game and the reaction of players makes it seem that he might be out for the next two games. We play the Texans next and with the current quarterback situation in New England, the Texans will fancy taking a win when they come to Fox Burrow. I just hope Jimmy G’s injury is not as serious as it looks and the team can get through the next two games till Tom Brady comes back.

The Quarterback Situation

Jacoby Brisett stepped in as quarterback after Jimmy G got injured and the difference was like day and night. It was obvious from the start that the team didn’t think he was ready to be put into the spotlight. His passes were not accurate, his hand over was slow. He took longer to throw the ball and didn’t look too confident. The offence was really weak with Jacoby. If Jacoby is supposed to be the quarterback against the texans then the offence coach has a lot of work to do in getting him ready. Our running game is not that strong although Blaunt showed in the second half of the game that he was ready to work extra hard in getting more yards per carry. We definitely need a strong passing game to win against the texans who seems to be coming into form with Brock Osweiler. If Jacoby is not ready then Julian Edelman will have to step in. He used to play quarterback before joining the patriots and is capable and confident enough to get he job done.

I think Bill Belichick will find a solution before Thursday night and will definitely find a strategy to get another win.

The Panthers Lose to the Broncos

In my preview post for the Panthers vs Broncos 2016 NFL season opener, I predicted that Cam Newton and the Panthers will be victorious and I was wrong. The Broncos defense came to their rescue once again. Cam newton had a better game than he did in Super Bowl 50 but that wasn’t enough. But the game really came down to a missed field goal by the panthers and that is what makes me think that the Broncos will not go far this season with their defense. Unlike some who are still mesmerized by the Broncos I personally think that winning a game because the opposite team missed a field goal is a warning that all is not well. If the Broncos want to be in the conversation about the Superbowl then their offence needs to step up. Trevor Simeon is good but not good enough luckily Denver has a strong running game with C. J Anderson.

I still stand with my prediction that the Broncos will not get the the Superbowl or the division title with just their defense.


Panthers vs Broncos : Predictions

Football is back and I am beyond excited. The opener is a repeat of Superbowl 50. Cam Newton getting some revenge after losing the Superbowl in such dramatic fashion. I think it is just good that I make a prediction.


I think this will be a total blowout and the Panthers are going to win 34-14. The superior offence of the Panthers will finally make its mark on the Broncos. The Broncos defense which is now less potent will not be able to stand up to the challenge. Also the virtually non existent offense of the Broncos will certainly mean even lower scoring.

I think Cam will have a good game and will be more confident. It will be a good game #KeepPounding

Today OSIRIS-Rex Launches into space


Today NASA is launching OSIRIS-Rex into space. This is one of the more interesting space mission NASA has done. The OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission is an asteroid sample return mission . Since I am not a NASA scientist I will just leave this video to do the explanation.

FYI you can watch the launch live here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdmHHpAsMVw

Facing Adversity

Going through a really rough time in your life? I saw this video by Eckhart Tolle on facing adversity. It talks about focusing on the deeper meaning of your life when you are faced with adversity and how that could help you find some peace when things get rough. I hope it help anyone who might be going through a tough time.

Please share it might help someone 🙂

Weekly Recap: EDM, GaryVee and the Vikings

This is my fist weekly recap post. This is something I have talked about doing for sometime but I have never done. The weekly recap is just a list of things I found on the internet like songs videos articles motivational stuff, just anything that I found interesting that I think might be interesting to some of my readers. I hope you enjoy this one.


I will start with Music. I have been really into EDM for sometime now so it is not strange that my top song for this week comes from the EDM genre. This weeks song is from Matrix and Futurebound and its a remix to their song Dont’ Look Back.



I love watching motivational videos. It keeps me going when I feel I dont have enough internal motivation to hustle. This one was special and it is  from Gary Vaynerchuck. Hope it motivates you like it did for me.



The most eventful thing in sports this weeks all had to do with the Minnesota Vikings. This week they lost their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the a non-contact injury during practice. It turns out that he tore his ACL during practice and wouldnt be available for the rest of the season, OUCH!!!


Teddy is one of the nice guys and it sad to him in this situation after he showed a lot of promise during the pre-season. The Vikings didnt waste time in looking for a replacement and they went out to Phily and got Sam Bradford.

I not really confident about that. Sam Bradford is injury prone and I am not sure if he will make any impact. I guess with Adrian Peterson they can still make the playoffs but will he be in good shape if they rely heavily on him during the regular season. Well this season will be interesting for the vikings. They remind me of the LA clippers and that is not a good thing.  I just wish teddy the best and I hope this injury doesn’t derail the progress he made so far.


That it for this recap. Wish you all a lovely weekend. For your information I’ll still be hustling during the weekend.