NFL Week 6 Prediction Recap

Week six is over and WOW what a week in the NFL. I was happy because the Patriots beat the Bengals. I hope Vontaze Burfict enjoyed the taste of defeat in his mouth(that guy lacks self control). I cant say too much about the other games that were played but I will be watching some games during the week. Top on my list is the Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers game. Like I correctly predicted Dak Prescott is turning out to be a great QB and there is no way I was picking the Packers against Dak and Ezekiel Elliot with that Dallas O-Line. The next will be the Bengals vs Patriots game and then the Rams vs Lions game. You might ask why watch the lions game whiles the Falcons vs Seahawks game is available. Well i king of like the Lions so I watch their games when I get the time.

So How did I do on my Predictions. Well I have my predictions below and I have highlighted my wrong predictions red and those that I had right in Green.

In total I got 7 predictions right which rounds up to 46.7% . That was a bad set of predictions.  Hopefully I get my predications better in week 7. Hope you have better luck with your predictions.


Denver at San Diego : With the kind of performance the Chargers are showing I will have to go with the Broncos. The Chargers don’t seem like they have a spine. Joey Bosa will make some great plays but the Chargers lack the ability to take advantage of situations. Denver will take any chance you give them. Chargers will start strong but I doubt they can finish well. I pick Denver Broncos.

L.A. Rams at Detroit Lions :  Although Matthew Stafford is not consistent I think he will play well in this home game. The lions might have Ezekiel Ansah back to boost their defense with Kerry Hyder. I think the Lions can take whatever the Rams bring. I pick Detroit Lions.

San Francisco at Buffalo :  Chip Kelly’s offence is no good when their best quarterback is still on the bench. It seems that decision was more of a legal one done Chip Kelly’s doing. If they start Colin Kaepernick they might have a chance against Rex Ryans defense which proved that it can handle any team when they played the Patriots. I think Buffalo Bills win this one.

Jacksonville at Chicago: This is a difficult one. The Bears stink and the Jaguars stink. I think home advantage might be enough to get Chicago the win . I pick the Chicago Bears.

Cleveland at Tennessee:  Cleveland don’t have a quarterback. That’s all I can say about that the Browns. The Titans seem to be finding their feet and are looking better as a team. if Marcus Mariota can avoid any interceptions and turnover’s in general they can close this one. The Browns are not to be taken lightly they could cause an upset if the Titans don’t close this early. I pick the Titan.

Philadelphia at Washington :  I will base this on the strength of the QB position. Carson Wentz will certainly outperform Kirk Cousins. I think the Eagles defense is solid. Kirk Cousins is not really reliable and will certainly throw  some interceptions (I am predicting 2) and Carson Wentz will have a great game. I will pick the Philadelphia Eagles.

Baltimore at N.Y. Giants : I expect the Ravens to dominate but we all know the Giants will win when you don’t expect it. Although Eli Manning has been really bad this year I expect him to have a great game. with wide receivers like Odell and Sterling, I think they will win but it will be a close game.  I pick the Giants.

Carolina at New Orleans: The Saints are back from a bye week and the panthers are sinking fast. If Cam Newton is still out then certainly the Saints will have a win. Drew Brees can get the Job done. I pick the Panthers to have an edge with Cam Newton.

Pittsburgh at Miami :  Miami are such a bad team I don’t see how they win this game. The Steelers win.

Cincinnati at New England : I don’t pick against the Patriots. Tom Brady will show how good he is with a win at Home. His first home game after the suspension. I expect the Patriots to win.

Kansas City at Oakland : I wont lie about this one. I like what is going on in Oakland. I Pick the Raiders.

Atlanta at Seattle: This will be a great game to watch. Seattle is good but Atlanta are having a good season with that electrifying offense. If Mat Ryan keeps up the good work I dont see Atlanta loosing. The most people though the Broncos will halt the falcons but it was a mismatch. I pick the Falcons to repeat the same success against the Seahawks. I pick the Falcons.

Dallas at Green Bay :  Green Bay are suck a good team it will be inconseavable to choose another team. But Dak Prescott is special. Together with Ezekiel Elliot I expect these two to cause a heavy upset. The Packer give away very few points to the running game but I still think Dak Prescott is special. I don’t think we have seen the best of this kid and if the test gets tougher I expect him to do something really special with the ball. I pick Dallas.

Indianapolis at Houston : Hmmm, Andrew Luck or Brock Osweiler. I think we all know the answer. The Colt win. Even though they are not  a good team with a terrible O-line they are good enough to win against the Texans. I pick the Indianapolis Colts.

N.Y. Jets at Arizona : I predict another Terrible game for Fitz Patrick. The honey badger will have a pick six. Also I don’t think the Jets have a good answer for Arizonas running game. David Johnson will have another monster game. I pick the Cardinals.


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