Weekly Recap

Hey there another week and another weekly recap. Lets get into it.


Orbital Sciences Successfully launched its Cygnus Cargo ship to the ISS on its Antares Rocket. This is their first resupply mission on their own rocket since that unfortunate disaster last year when they lost their cargo ship and the rocket.

The Expedition 49-50 crew successfully launched and docked with the ISS. I mudt be honest that I missed this launch. Partly because an earlier launch was canceled due to an issue with the Soyuz space ship, as a result I lost track of the launch and I not much information was put out there before the launch.

And finally the ESA(European Space Agency) had some success and a some problems with its Exo-Mars mission. The mission consists of an orbiter and a lander. The orbiting module was successfully put into orbit around mars but the lander had some issues. I will talk more about this in another post.


After beating the Bengals the patriots will meet the Steelers on the road this Sunday. At the beginning of the season I thought with fixture will be tough but with the steelers not playing too well and with Ben Rothlesberger having an injury this is a match-up that I am keenly looking forward to. I will be publishing my predictions tomorrow so watch out for that.


I am not sure if you have heard of Ta-Ku . But I have really fallen in love with one of his tracks. This is a remix of Estelle’s American Boy and he calls it American Girl. Trust me you will love this Jam. Also I am going to be creating a sound cloud account where I will be promoting the music that I love I think I need a platform where I can share and promote music that I enjoy.



Now this video I am going to share has nothing to do with my political views but I had a good laugh watching Donald Trump doing something that only he could do. If you watched the debate you will know that he refused the accept  the outcome of the elections before the elections had taken place. That drew a lot of offense with people saying that he lost the race by not going along with what had become tradition in the American presidential race. But his statement at a rally soon after is priceless.

So that it for the weekend recap. Hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂



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