NFL Week 7 Prediction Recap


Week 7 is over and like I have been doing I will go over my predictions and highlight the games I got right in green and those that I got wrong in red.

 Chicago Bears vs Greenbay : I picked Greenbay.

New York Giants at LA Rams: I pick the Rams

Washington Red Skins at Detroit Lions : I pick the Detroit Lions

Cleveland Browns at Bengals: I pick the Bengals

New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs: I pick the Chiefs

Raiders at Jaguars: I pick the Raiders

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins: I pick Miami Dolphins 

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans: I pick the Titans

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles: I pick the Eagles

Baltimore Ravens at New York Jests: Jets: I pick the Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 49ers: I pick the Bucs

Chargers at Falcons: I pick the Falcons

Patriots at Steelers: I pick the Patriots

Seahawks at Cardinals: I pick the Seahawks

Texans at Broncos: I pick the Texans


That was better than last week I got a score of 67.7%

Not bad at all.


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