Art Assignment : Constructed Landscapes

There is something I don’t talk much about on this blog which is art. I have over the years gained an interest in art and have been thinking about ways in which i can participate in art. One of the ways of expressing myself through art is through my photo blog (please take sometime to check it out). I think art is something everyone should take interest in and learn a thing or two about.

I just watched this great video on the YouTube channel Art Assignment where they featured Paula McCartney . Paula creates art that looks at actual landscapes and constructed landscapes, something you will find really interesting.  At the end of every  video there is an assignment given by the featured artist. I was so excited about this one that I thought of sharing it on my blog. Basically the objective of the assignment is to create a constructed landscape and take pictures of it in a way that makes it look as real as possible. I cant wait to get to doing the assignment and add that to my photo-blog.


I am back to Photography : mygallery2013

Hello guys,

I am happy to announce that I have started posting photos on my photo-blog “mygallery2013“. Its been over two years since I last updated that blog its funny how time flies but the good thing is that I am back and I can bet you that you wouldn’t regret visiting it.

I am planning on creating a royalty free section to allow anyone who is looking for free pictures for their blog to download and use it for anything they want. I will make  an announcement once I put it in place

So spread the word and let everyone know about mygallery2013 hope you pass by and like some of my photos, also it will be nice if you can comment and leave links to your photo-blog, I am interested in seeing what you guys are up to.