Weekly Recap

There isn’t much to recap for this week. I was not well for most of the weeks and as results some of my posts came in late. But one constant theme was music and that never changes whether I am sick or not.


I have been jamming to this tune the whole week hope you enjoy it too.


That’s it for this weeks recap. Short and sweet hope to feel better and blog even more next week. Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy some football. I will be looking forward to the Patriots vs  Bills revenge game.



Weekly Recap: Mars on my Mind

Another week another recap. I missed the recap for last week so I will include somethings from the previouse week.


We are going to Mars. You read that right for the first time in human history we will really get to Mars. Well the not until the next Ten to fifteen years. But on a much more honest note for the first time there really is a plan to get humans to Mars. Nasa has a Journey to Mars plan, Boeing has another plan to get humans to Mars and SpaceX has a very very ambitious Mars Colonial Transport plan. I will let you in on a secret, I am also working on a secret plan to get to Mars 😉

I will give my thoughts about Elon Musk’s plan in a later post but here is a short video illustrating what Space X has planned.

Full Video Presentation by Elon Musk


If you have been following my weekly recap you would notice that I love EDM and I have some more EDM music to share. Leave me a comment if you like it and if you have some suggestions on some music then let me know. This weeks songs come from some of my favorite EDM artists, Rameses B and WRLD.

Hope you got something from my recap, leave a comment if you have something interesting to share.

Weekly Recap : Patriots go 3-0

Another week another weekly recap. I am a little late on this post so I will get to the point. I have listed a few interesting things I found during this week.



Funniest video I saw this week was from KingBach. I still laugh when I watch this funny version of “Damn Daniel”




This Remix of Mr. FijiWijis’s Yours Trueley is just gold. Still play it on repeat!!!



This week was an amazing one for Patriot fans. Even though we were underdogs we still won. We lost Tom Brady to a suspension, Jimmy Garoppolo to an injury so we were using our rookie third string quarterback Jacoby Brisett and we had a shutdown score over the Texans. It was an amazing game.



End of recap , have a lovely day.

Weekly Recap: EDM, GaryVee and the Vikings

This is my fist weekly recap post. This is something I have talked about doing for sometime but I have never done. The weekly recap is just a list of things I found on the internet like songs videos articles motivational stuff, just anything that I found interesting that I think might be interesting to some of my readers. I hope you enjoy this one.


I will start with Music. I have been really into EDM for sometime now so it is not strange that my top song for this week comes from the EDM genre. This weeks song is from Matrix and Futurebound and its a remix to their song Dont’ Look Back.



I love watching motivational videos. It keeps me going when I feel I dont have enough internal motivation to hustle. This one was special and it is  from Gary Vaynerchuck. Hope it motivates you like it did for me.



The most eventful thing in sports this weeks all had to do with the Minnesota Vikings. This week they lost their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the a non-contact injury during practice. It turns out that he tore his ACL during practice and wouldnt be available for the rest of the season, OUCH!!!


Teddy is one of the nice guys and it sad to him in this situation after he showed a lot of promise during the pre-season. The Vikings didnt waste time in looking for a replacement and they went out to Phily and got Sam Bradford.

I not really confident about that. Sam Bradford is injury prone and I am not sure if he will make any impact. I guess with Adrian Peterson they can still make the playoffs but will he be in good shape if they rely heavily on him during the regular season. Well this season will be interesting for the vikings. They remind me of the LA clippers and that is not a good thing.  I just wish teddy the best and I hope this injury doesn’t derail the progress he made so far.


That it for this recap. Wish you all a lovely weekend. For your information I’ll still be hustling during the weekend.