Weekly Recap: Mars on my Mind

Another week another recap. I missed the recap for last week so I will include somethings from the previouse week.


We are going to Mars. You read that right for the first time in human history we will really get to Mars. Well the not until the next Ten to fifteen years. But on a much more honest note for the first time there really is a plan to get humans to Mars. Nasa has a Journey to Mars plan, Boeing has another plan to get humans to Mars and SpaceX has a very very ambitious Mars Colonial Transport plan. I will let you in on a secret, I am also working on a secret plan to get to Mars ūüėČ

I will give my thoughts about Elon Musk’s plan in a later post but here is a short video illustrating what Space X has planned.

Full Video Presentation by Elon Musk


If you have been following my weekly recap you would notice that I love EDM and I have some more EDM music to share. Leave me a comment if you like it and if you have some suggestions on some music then let me know. This weeks songs come from some of my favorite EDM artists, Rameses B and WRLD.

Hope you got something from my recap, leave a comment if you have something interesting to share.


Today OSIRIS-Rex Launches into space


Today NASA is launching OSIRIS-Rex into space. This is one of the more interesting space mission NASA has done. The OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission is an asteroid sample return mission . Since I am not a NASA scientist I will just leave this video to do the explanation.

FYI you can watch the launch live here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdmHHpAsMVw

Blue Origin’s New Shepherd makes historic flight

If you are into space like I am you should have heard this pretty cool announcement by Blue Origins( a space company owned my Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos). Blue Origin successfully launched their New Shepherd launch system into space and landed it safely for RE-USE!!!  This kind of thing gets me excited!

New Shepherd

Up until now rockets have never been reusable. After launch the entire system is discarded or burns up in space and a new one is created but with the New Shepherd system it is possible to reuse the entire system. Literally refuel it and launch again.  Whats really important is that this greatly reduces the cost of space transport making it more likely that in the near future space travel will be affordable.

What you need to know about Pluto

Image of Pluto showing Pluto’s heart taken by the New Horisons craft. Source: http://www.nasa.gov

Since the New Horizons flyby of Pluto a lot has been put out in the media. Its easy to understand all the excitement if you a little geeky but if you don’t know that much about Pluto then stick with me.

Here are a list of things you should know about Pluto

1. Pluto was discovered in 1930.

2. It is called a dwarf planet because of its small size. it is about half the width of the United States of America and a little smaller than the earths moon.

3. It is found in the region of our solar system called Kuipers Belt along with other icy objects.

4. Pluto has three moons, Charon Nix and Hydra.

5. Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet because of its small size. Similar objects even bigger than Pluto have been found beyond Pluto causing scientist to reconsider if Pluto was really a planet.

6. Pluto is a very cold planet with temperatures of 390 degrees below zero.

7. The gravity on Pluto is smaller than the earth. Its gravity is one fifth of earths gravity..

I hope these few points helped you to know more about Pluto.

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