Weekly Recap: EDM, GaryVee and the Vikings

This is my fist weekly recap post. This is something I have talked about doing for sometime but I have never done. The weekly recap is just a list of things I found on the internet like songs videos articles motivational stuff, just anything that I found interesting that I think might be interesting to some of my readers. I hope you enjoy this one.


I will start with Music. I have been really into EDM for sometime now so it is not strange that my top song for this week comes from the EDM genre. This weeks song is from Matrix and Futurebound and its a remix to their song Dont’ Look Back.



I love watching motivational videos. It keeps me going when I feel I dont have enough internal motivation to hustle. This one was special and it is  from Gary Vaynerchuck. Hope it motivates you like it did for me.



The most eventful thing in sports this weeks all had to do with the Minnesota Vikings. This week they lost their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the a non-contact injury during practice. It turns out that he tore his ACL during practice and wouldnt be available for the rest of the season, OUCH!!!


Teddy is one of the nice guys and it sad to him in this situation after he showed a lot of promise during the pre-season. The Vikings didnt waste time in looking for a replacement and they went out to Phily and got Sam Bradford.

I not really confident about that. Sam Bradford is injury prone and I am not sure if he will make any impact. I guess with Adrian Peterson they can still make the playoffs but will he be in good shape if they rely heavily on him during the regular season. Well this season will be interesting for the vikings. They remind me of the LA clippers and that is not a good thing.  I just wish teddy the best and I hope this injury doesn’t derail the progress he made so far.


That it for this recap. Wish you all a lovely weekend. For your information I’ll still be hustling during the weekend.


Back again [Update]

I have been away for a while. Work has been tough the past couple of months and before you know it you forget to blog one week then that week turns into a month. Thankfully the month wont turn in to a year.

Anyways I am back again and I will be updating this blog with all the things that interest me from music, funny videos, my favorite articles, politics and gaming .

I just want to let you know that I appreciate you for passing by.

Thanks.  🙂

Classical Music [Bach Busoni Chaconne D Minor BWV 1004]

Hello Internet,

Today I spent my day doing a whole lot of reading but I was fortunate to be invited to be invited to a classical music concert. I have a history with classical music and from time to time I am reminded about how beautiful it is. Let me share with you one piece that I loved, Bach Busoni Chaconne D Minor BWV 1004.

I hope it brings some variety into your day.

Feeling Grateful

Hello girls and guys.

This is my first post for the year 2016 and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, welcome to 2016. I am in a mood of gratitude as i write this post. usually I don’t take too much time to reflect on the previous year but after spending sometime reading this post on Gratitude & Miracles in 2015 I realized how important it is to look back at the previous year or period and reflect on the things that you were grateful for and how therapeutic this exercise of gratitude can be.


I have been trying to keep an active blog for a couple of years and this has been the one that I have finally been able to post consistently compared to the others. Writing for me is something I have always wanted to do and early on in my attempts to start writing i got to know that blogging was one way of improving on your writing skills. I am nowhere near where I want to be in-terms of writing but I have made a lot of improvements. I now write more often and coming up with things to blog about is easier. Putting words to my keyboard has become easier for me and expanding a few sentences into meaningful paragraphs is another aspect of writing that I am have improved on greatly. looking back I can say I am truly grateful for doing a lot more writing in 2015 and I hope to do even better in 2016.

So I urge you to take sometime and look back at 2015 and see the part or parts of your life where you experienced improvements either big or small, take time to celebrate it and make a plan to do even better this year. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and I hope 2016 will be a very productive, prosperous and fulfilling year for you.


I am back to Photography : mygallery2013

Hello guys,

I am happy to announce that I have started posting photos on my photo-blog “mygallery2013“. Its been over two years since I last updated that blog its funny how time flies but the good thing is that I am back and I can bet you that you wouldn’t regret visiting it.

I am planning on creating a royalty free section to allow anyone who is looking for free pictures for their blog to download and use it for anything they want. I will make  an announcement once I put it in place

So spread the word and let everyone know about mygallery2013 hope you pass by and like some of my photos, also it will be nice if you can comment and leave links to your photo-blog, I am interested in seeing what you guys are up to.

Changes to the look of feel of the blog


I will like to inform all my readers that over the coming weeks a lot of changes to the appearance of this blog will occur. I am not very satisfied with the current look although I like the minimalist nature of the current design I will like to integrate feed from my twitter account and make changes to the menu without making the blog look too cluttered. I will like to appologise if any inconvenience is caused. Let me know if you like some of the changes.

I hope you have a productive day.