Monday Motivation: Accept Your Reality to Win


Its another Monday and I have another motivational video from Gary Vaynerchuk. This on is a little deep but it really hits the nail on its head. Hope you have a productive week.


Get out of the mediocre trap

Hello Internet, I was watching some motivational videos on YouTube when I cam across this video and think you should watch it.

Its about mediocrity and some tough love advice on getting out of it. Trust me its good. Even if you feel you are the most productive person on the surface of this planet I think it will be worth it. Share it with someone who might be struggling with getting things done in their lives. Hope you enjoy it.

Using Fear for Motivation

Hey Internet I am back again with another blog post because Seth Godin advised me to write a blog-post everyday. I was thinking about motivation today.

Motivation is something most of us who set goals think about a lot and even if you have never set a goal in your life then you need even more motivation. Getting motivated is something we should all work at because it is a skill and understanding it will be vital to your success. So how do you get motivated?

There are a lot of ways to get motivated and I will talk about one method for motivation which is fear. Fear can be a powerful motivator and knowing how to harness it can help you get motivated to take action. Think about this, you are at the edge of a cliff with a flowing river beneath you. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t think of jumping because you are scared of heights. But if you knew that a hungry bear was pursuing you and your only means of escape was to jump off the cliff, at that instance the fear of jumping quickly diminishes and you have the courage and urgency to take action.


You can apply that to real life by thinking about what could be the worse thing that would happen if you failed to take that risk, make that sales call or ask for that raise. Use your desire to avoid the negative consequence of inaction and use that to motivate you to work on achieving your goals.

So whatever you have put aside, now is the time to take action. Use fear to your advantage.


Setting Goals

I have been reading on the topic of motivation and I think I should share some points on how you can be successful with setting goals that you might find useful.

I am currently reading Motivate to Win by Richard Denny.

Goal setting is key in achieving anything in life and can be used to fuel motivation to accomplish things.

1. Make a list of your desires. Write is out clearly and be realistic with your desires.

2. Select a goal from your list that is achievable in the next three months. Something that will not be too overwhelming.

3. Clearly define your target. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity of what exactly achieving that goal would look like. Be specific.

4. Take times to visualize your achievement and see it as if you have a already achieved it.

5. Set a deadline when you should have achieved it. Setting deadlines causes you to take the necessary actions to achieve your goal.

6. Make use of a reminder. Write your goal down some where you can always see it. As humans we tend to forget things that need to be done. Making use of reminders is a powerful way of sticking to the activities that will help achieve your goals.