OUCH!!! That Really Hurt. BUF 16 – 0 PATS

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t watch the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter of Sundays game. It was too painful to watch. I was hoping for a closer game but I couldn’t bare watching a shutdown of the patriots at the Gillette stadium.

The performance of the team was totally unbearable to watch. Early on it was clear that the Bills had the edge in this game but a shutdown was not on my mind. from the beginning of the season most of us were not expecting the go 3 -0 by week three and a loss wasn’t unexpected knowing that we didn’t have Tom Brady due to the suspension.

It is not that we lost a game to the Bills at home but it was the manner in which we lost that was really disappointing. Like Bill Belichick said everything was bad. the The defense the offense and the coaching was all bad. We are 3 -1 and will have Brady back to face the Browns most of our troubles should be behind us but this type of loss shouldn’t happen again if the Patriots are thinking of making it to the Superbowl.


This is the first time the patriots have lost by a shutdown since 1993 and the first shutdown loss for the patriots under Bill Belichick at home.



Weekly Recap : Patriots go 3-0

Another week another weekly recap. I am a little late on this post so I will get to the point. I have listed a few interesting things I found during this week.



Funniest video I saw this week was from KingBach. I still laugh when I watch this funny version of “Damn Daniel”




This Remix of Mr. FijiWijis’s Yours Trueley is just gold. Still play it on repeat!!!



This week was an amazing one for Patriot fans. Even though we were underdogs we still won. We lost Tom Brady to a suspension, Jimmy Garoppolo to an injury so we were using our rookie third string quarterback Jacoby Brisett and we had a shutdown score over the Texans. It was an amazing game.



End of recap , have a lovely day.

Dolphins loose to the Patriots 24-31



What an exciting game it was. Not better than out game against the Cardinals but it was a good one. The Patriots started really strong with Jimmy G in the first quarter and it looked like the scores were going to be embarrassing for Miami but then Jimmy G got hurt by Kiko Alonso. From then on Miami got into a rhythm of getting into the Red Zone and making touchdowns. They nearly had their way in the fourth quarter when Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal, But luckily we had an interception in the final seconds.

It was a close game but it was obvious that the team was feeling down after loosing Jimmy G to an injury. For me that was a really sad moment in the game and the reaction of players makes it seem that he might be out for the next two games. We play the Texans next and with the current quarterback situation in New England, the Texans will fancy taking a win when they come to Fox Burrow. I just hope Jimmy G’s injury is not as serious as it looks and the team can get through the next two games till Tom Brady comes back.

The Quarterback Situation

Jacoby Brisett stepped in as quarterback after Jimmy G got injured and the difference was like day and night. It was obvious from the start that the team didn’t think he was ready to be put into the spotlight. His passes were not accurate, his hand over was slow. He took longer to throw the ball and didn’t look too confident. The offence was really weak with Jacoby. If Jacoby is supposed to be the quarterback against the texans then the offence coach has a lot of work to do in getting him ready. Our running game is not that strong although Blaunt showed in the second half of the game that he was ready to work extra hard in getting more yards per carry. We definitely need a strong passing game to win against the texans who seems to be coming into form with Brock Osweiler. If Jacoby is not ready then Julian Edelman will have to step in. He used to play quarterback before joining the patriots and is capable and confident enough to get he job done.

I think Bill Belichick will find a solution before Thursday night and will definitely find a strategy to get another win.

Ok folks this is how it Happened[Patriots Lost]

So we lost for the first time this season and I tell you it wasn’t pretty. The boys did their best Brady was OK and Gronkrowski had to be stretchered off the field (ouch). Bet the Broncos are still celebrating. At least its good to have a reality check from time to time hopefully we get back to winning was against the Eagles. Its sad but for those who didn’t  see it here is how it happened.